INGE: IBR Roof Mount Bracket Kit Low Profile 90mmL (2 x Flaps, 2 x Flap Rubbers, 4 x Self Tappers)


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  • Ideal to fit panels in a landscape formation,
  • Cost effective.
  • 1X Aluminum body (100mm long) with 2X Stainless steel plates EPDM rubber and 4X Stainless self tapper screws with EPDM washers.

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General Data
• Low Profile Bracket Dimensions: 90mmL x 31mmH
• Compatible with IBR and Corrugated Zinc Tiles
• Portrait & Landscape Mountable
• Slotted Bracket base allows for easy Flap adjustment to fit IBR profile
• Rubberized Flaps ensure a water tight seal once fastened
• Long lasting components for South African climate

Kit Contents
• 1 x Aluminum Bracket Body
• 2 x Stainless Steel EPDM Rubberized Flaps (EPDM has a 20 year life span)
• 4 x 6.5mm Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws with EPDM Washers

Note: Flaps are also available separately