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SolaX X3-Hybrid-6.0-D-E

6.0, Single Phase, Hybrid, DC Switch, E Version

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The inverter determines the most economic source of electricity for you, between photovoltaic, batteries and the electricity network. It regulates battery charging to maximise their lifespan. The SolaX Power inverter puts the data online for free using Wifi. You can analyse and monitor its performance online. The inverter can take electricity from the network, without any power limitation. In the event of power outages, it is also able to modulate itself to uphold the power supply. The SolaX X3-6.0T is the first inverter suitable for the smart management of your batteries’ charging and discharging at 450 V. You can define the recharging source for your battery (e.g. with solar panels only or exclusively from the electricity network). You can also define a recharge time for the batteries (off-peak hours for example). By default, the SolaX inverter prioritises electricity sources in the following order:1 = solar panels, 2 = solar batteries, 3 = networks. This priority can be modified in the inverter’s settings. The SolaX Hybrid is an intelligent inverter capable of operating without an electrical network thanks to its EPS output. It runs between two sources of electricity: solar panels and solar batteries.


Product Specifications:

  • MPPT rang : 280…800V
  • Start voltage: 200V
  • Max. input current : 11A / 11A
  • Length x Height x Depth: 650 x 453 x 222mm
  • Max. efficiency:                97.6%
  • MPPT Tracker: 2
  • Injection: Tri-phase
  • Max. input solar panel power: 8000W
  • Max. power from the grid: No limit
  • Battery Type: Lithium
  • Max. charge / discharge: 6000W
  • Battery Operating voltage: 240V
  • Battery voltage range: 200…500V
  • Load current: 25A
  • Battery capacity max. (C10): 250Ah
  • Internet connection: Ethernet / Wifi
  • Inverter brand: SOLAX POWER
  • Product warranty: 5 years
  • Place of manufacture: Asia
  • Inverter type: Hybrid inverter

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