KIJO Lead-Carbon Battery 100AH 12V (JPC12-100)


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General Data
• Lead-Carbon composite negative plate
• Long cycle life, excellent deep cycle discharge ability
• Excellent charge acceptance ability
• Optimized capability of instant high-current discharging
• Strong high and low temperature performance
• Precision sealing technology

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• Nominal Voltage: 12V
• Nominal Capacity: 100AH
• Design life: 15 years
• Terminal Size: M8
• Casing Material: ABS
• Internal Resistance Full charged at 25°C: 5.00 mΩ
• Maximum Discharge Current 1200A(5S)

Rated Capacity
• 100AH 10Hour Rate (10.0A to 10.8V)
• 81.3AH 3Hour Rate (27.1A to 10.8V)
• 66.1AH 1Hour Rate (66.1A to 10.5V)

Operating Temperature
• Discharge: -20°C to 60°C
• Charge : -20°C to 50°C
• Storage: -20°C to 50°C

Charge Method (25°C)
• Charge Current: Max. 30A ; Recommended 10.0A to 20.0A
• Float Charge:13.5-13.8V ; Recommended 13.8V(-18mV/ °C)
• Equalize charge:13.8-14.1V ; Recommended 14.1V(-24mV/ °C)
• Cycle charge:14.4-15.0V ; Recommended 14.7V(-30mV/ °C)
• Self discharge: 3 % of capacity declined per month at 25°C

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